Committee Meetings (minutes).

Date: Wednesday 20 September 2017 at 7.00pm
Location: St Bede’s Pastoral Centre
Caroline Mozley, Chair (CM); Christine Marriott, Secretary (CMa); Tony May (TM);Lesley Peatfield (LP; Irene Plaistowe (IP); Barbara Prokop (BP); Clare Willis (CW).
Sarah Geary attended the first part of the meeting
Apologies were received from Annemarieke de Bruin, David Pipe, Allison Loftfield and Richard Shephard.
2Safeguarding policy
CM welcomed Sarah Geary to the meeting to take part in the discussion with a view to becoming YMS’s named safeguarding person. Sarah outlined her background and experience.
After clarifying the scope of YMS’s responsibility and agreeing small changes to the wording, the draft policy was accepted. It will be published on the YMS website. Sarah was thanked for taking on this role and left the meeting.
3Matters arising and update on actions from meeting held on 19 July 2017
TM and CM have had a meeting about the budget, following which an item will be added to the agenda for our January meeting.
CMa – for January agenda
4Circulation of approved committee minutes (CM)
CM reminded the committee that we used to display the minutes of meetings on the noticeboard at St Saviourgate and on the members area of the website. Neither of these is now available so she proposed that once agreed we circulate them in pdf form to members via comms. This was agreed.
? LP for publication
5Treasurer’s report
Bound copies of the 2016-17 accounts were distributed. Israel in Egypt figures are now available. The concert made a loss of approximately £6,000.00.
The question of a marketing budget was raised. David Nicholson has prepared and circulated a proposal.
Note: after the meeting the committee decided to give the Marketing Sub- Committee a delegated budget of £3000.00 for the year 2017/18.
6Update on YMS survey proposal (TM)
TM reported that John Stringer had agreed to try to find a student to undertake

York Musical Society
Committee Meeting 20.09.17 Minutes and Actions
the survey according to the brief. TM and David Nicholson have offered to sponsor the survey, for which the committee thanked them, and agreed that the work should continue.
7 Reviews and policies
YMS risk management policy and St Olave’s risk assessment
LP offered to ask Tim Peatfield to review the draft risk assessment.
8 Internal and external communications
LP gave an update on the use of Facebook and the use of £25.00 from the marketing budget was agreed to support this.
9 Simple Gifts concert
CM circulated an outline plan for the concert. Francis Jackson has been invited to attend.
10 Christmas concert
CM said that there was no further progress with technical items to report. It was confirmed that the concert will run from 4.00 to 5.30 without a break. DP submitted a note that he is finalising the Messiah movements and carol selections and will liaise with the brass group about some solo items from them.
11 2018 Workshop
The leaflets have not been taken away by members and a reminder is needed.
12 Any other business
1 It was agreed to give Bryce Dinsdale £50.00 as a gesture of goodwill for his work on the design of the annual brochure.
2 We have received our account from Hardcastle France. These include an increase in charges to reflect the additional work they did for us but also a charge of £250.00 + VAT for altering the format of the report to meet new standard FRS102. It was agreed that since this was raised in the bound copy of the account, we would decline to pay it.
3 TM had circulated a paper outlining considerations for the choir’s visit to Muenster. It was agreed that in October he would conduct a members’ survey to establish interest and explore options for travel and accommodation.
4 There has been a query about joining the Society on a termly basis. This is not possible.
5 Glynis Harris asked the committee to consider what to do with copies of the opera choruses that have been bought for the January 2018 workshop. They will be kept by the choir for hiring out or future concerts.
6 David Nicholson has asked for clarification of his attendance at committee meetings. He will be invited to attend, annually or as necessary, and is represented on a regular basis by LP who is responsible for Committee liaison with the marketing sub-committee.

7 The sum raised at the St Crux fundraising day will be announced at the next meeting, with thanks to Helen Gillie.
13 Date, time and venue of next meeting
15 November 2017 at 7.00pm. Venue: St Bede’s Pastoral Centre.