YMS visit to Münster June 2018

In June 2018, 70 singers and supporters enjoyed a visit to our partner choir, the Philharmonischer Chor Münster. We joined them for their Jubilee Concert at the Jovel Music Hall, a first for the choir at this venue. The concert marked their 50th anniversary and 25 years of choir partnership, and offered a varied and lively programme: Brahms Schicksalslied, Brahms Alt-Rhapsodie, Beethoven Chorfantasie, Elgar The Music Makers.

These photos by Allan Harris give just a hint of the full and extremely enjoyable programme organised by our hosts, that included:

  • a civic reception in the Friedensaal (Peace Hall) at the Town Hall
  • a walk in the Teutoburger woods to Tecklenburg for ‘Kaffee und Kuchen’
  • a visit to Schloss Nordkirchen
  • time to explore the attractive city of Münster
  • two long rehearsals and then the concert, to a packed audience, in the Jovel Music Hall
  • … followed by a party in the Jovel Club next door.

You can see more photos by Allan on his Flickr page: click here for a link to the album. 

David Wilson’s photos, below, document the Friday rehearsal and show the two choirs mingled together, working hard for conductor Martin Henning, with the orchestra and Gerhild Romberger who sang the solo for Elgar’s The Music Makers.

(For the best view, click on the first photo, then use the arrows at the top to run through them.)